Daily Life

Our Well Being Co-ordinator and team enable residents to have a fulfilling and meaningful experience at The Chace.  Our aim is to encourage and continue previously enjoyed favourite activities and interests as well as experiencing new ones.  We also incorporate ordinary daily activities in order to maintain independence and structure to the lives of our residents.  Special events and celebrations are held regularly and families and friends are always welcome.

As well as our regular activities such as coffee mornings, film shows and visits to local beauty spots, we also organise a variety of entertainment, informative talks and demonstrations regularly in our home. These are based on our residents interests and requests. We also have our own vehicle to enable residents to enjoy special days out, shopping trips and to attend appointments.

Residents are encouraged to maintain links to services in the community where possible, however regular visits are made to The Chace by Hairdressers, Podiatry services, a Beautician, Opticians and a Dentist.