Covid testing update

We have had notification on the following changes from 3rd April;

Care homes

  • No routine asymptomatic testing.
  • No testing for symptomatic staff or residents.
  • Patients being discharged from an NHS setting should still be tested using LFDs up to 48hours before discharge.
  • Patients admitted from the community will no longer need a test.
  • When an outbreak is suspected – only the first 5 symptomatic residents should betested using LFD testing only.
  • No rapid response testing.
  • No PCR testing and whole home testing.
  • Outbreak measures can be lifted 5 days after the last suspected or confirmed case.
  • Continue to test individuals with COVID-19 symptoms who have been identified as beingeligible for community COVID-19 treatments. These individuals will be managed through the

    local care pathway for anti-viral treatment.

  • Staff who are unwell should stay away from work if they are unwell or have a temperature.They should follow the guidance for people with guidance for people with symptoms of a

    respiratory infection including COVID-19.

  • Staff who test positive for COVID-19 can return to their usual activities after 5 days if they feelwell and no longer have a high temperature. Testing is no longer required for individuals to return to normal before 10 days following a positive test.