Heatwave Notice

We are aware of the current heat situation and are following guidelines closely. In addition to the Government guidelines we are also supporting the guidance below:

  • We will enable groups (cohorts) of care home residents to spend more time in cooler areas. It is recognised this is balanced against the risk of wider exposure to infection. Guidance relating to testing residents and ventilation will be followed as a mitigation against this
    People who test positive or are symptomatic and require self-isolation should be supported to allow more time out of their room in cooler areas including outdoors in shaded areas.
  • We respect that Cohorting people into groups who have symptoms or have tested positive (these groups should not be mixed) may help to improve resident movement to cooler spaces for longer than would usually be recommended
  • Residents receiving care may need additional support to cope with the hot weather; we ensure that residents are supported to access water and if possible, ice or cooled drinks. We will as always prompt residents with cognitive conditions such as dementia to take regular fluids.
  • We will give particular consideration should be given to supporting vulnerable people who may be more susceptible to consequences of high temperatures for example, those with cognitive or physical conditions which make them less able to recognise or express that they are hot or feeling unwell.
  • We will consider the structural mitigations that may be applied to support IPC (Infection Prevention & Control) and individual well-being such as improving ventilation and enabling social distancing where possible. ¬†We will also asses If other IPC measures such as a universal masking by staff and visitors cannot be tolerated.