Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year welcome from The Chace. This month, we celebrate the birthdays of Pam H on the 10th, Bryon S on the 20th,  Eleanor W on 25th and Kath S on 28th. We wish you all a very happy birthday and look forward to helping you celebrate your special day.

Also this month, our residents can forward to a number of activities and events at The Chace which are listed below. These are our core activities which often involve third parties and happen on certain dates.  However there are a vast number of other contacts which centre around individuals and their needs which are not scheduled but take place at any time. 

Tues 3rd Jan 4:00pm Pink Lounge Carol Lee Sampson sings all your favourites
Wed 4th Jan 2:00pm Pink Lounge Phillip is here to play beautiful music for us
Thurs 5th Jan 4:00pm All over Come and see the guinea pigs – Pet Therapy
Fri 6th Jan 4:00pm Pink Lounge Cinema Club
Sat 7th Jan 2:00pm Pink Lounge Lets take a trip down Memory Lane
Sun 8th Jan 2.00pm Dining Room Singing Club. Lets get together and sing
Mon 9th Jan 2:00pm Pink Lounge Pet Therapy
Tues 10th Jan 2.30pm All over The Poppy Sister return.
Wed 11th Jan 2:00pm Pink Lounge Join Sally for her popular yoga class and Sue is back to pamper you
Thurs 12th Jan 2:00pm Pink Lounge Sarah’s back to play the violin for you
Fri 13th Jan 4:00pm All over Cinema Club
Sat 14th Jan 2:00pm All over Tea and Gossip
Sun 15th Jan 2.00pm All over Memory Lane
Mon 16th Jan 11:15pm All over Past and Present – share a memory
Wed 18th Jan 2.00pm Pink lounge Sally is back with her popular yoga class
Wed 18th Jan 11:00am Pink Lounge Phillip is back to play and sing for you
Thurs 19th Jan 3.00pm Dining room Singing Club – Lets get together and sing
Fri 20th Jan 4:00pm All over Tea and Gossip
Sat 21st Jan 2:00pm All over Pet Therapy with the guinea pigs
Sun 22nd Jan 2.00pm All over Memory Lane
Mon 23rd Jan 11.30am Pink Lounge Cinema Club
Tues 24th Jan 2:00pm Pink Lounge Come and join our monthly tea dance
Wed 25th Jan 2.00pm Pink Lounge Sally is back with her popular yoga class
Thurs 26th Jan 11:15am All over Sarah is back to play the violin
Fri 27th Jan 2.00pm All over Take a trip down memory lane
Sat 28th Jan 2.00pm All over Tea and Gossip
Sun 29th Jan 11.15am All over Pet therapy with the guinea pigs
Mon 30th Jan 2.00pm Pink Lounge Singing for Pleasure