February Events

We have numerous activities and events happening in February for our residents to enjoy. Among those are our weekly Yoga lessons with Sally on a Wednesday morning (a bit chilly to be out on the patio currently, however once we have warm weather, we will be enjoying it outside once again as this proved extremely popular with our residents). We’re also looking forward to trips down ‘musical memory lane’ with Philip Holland and listening to Sarah on her Viola as she plays all our old favourites each Thursday. We’ll also be releasing our inner creativity with CatCraft to produce some lovely work for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to our ‘core’ activities, residents will also be enjoying a vast array of ‘person centred’ activities and contacts which focuses on their individual needs; from sharing a cup of tea and a chat, reading a newspaper together or going out for a short walk or a shopping trip.

You never know we might also get to enjoy some snow in February…If we do, no doubt, we’ll certainly be enjoying it from the comfort of our lovely warm lounges!